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We are purpose driven tech founders dedicated to building a marketplace for intimacy to change the way society perceives paid companionship.

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Choice Technologies Ltd. is a tech company registered in Zurich, Switzerland with the aim to combat the global pandemic of loneliness. We are a group of founders who promote the safety and well-being of all individuals conducting companionship services. We believe that every adult person has the right to make choices about their body and how to use it. These choices should not compromise anyone's safety or integrity. We aim to reduce stigmatization through cutting edge technology and ease of use of our marketplace and tools.

People are lonely.

Over 30% of the world's population suffers from loneliness.

Who are we?

At Choice Technologies Ltd., we are a dynamic and passionate team of founders, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table. Our diverse backgrounds span technology, healthcare, social work, and business, united by a common goal: to combat the global pandemic of loneliness and promote the well-being of individuals involved in companionship services.
Together, we at Choice Technologies are committed to creating an environment that respects the autonomy and choices of adults, while providing a platform that prioritizes safety, dignity, and community welfare.


At Choice Technologies we believe in corporate social responsibility. Inspired by thePledge 1%initiative started by Salesforce Inc. we commit 5% of our equity, 5% of our employees’ time and 5% of our profits to the Your Choice Foundation (to be founded). The purpose of the foundation will be to support companionship professionals in need and dedicate resources and time from our company to improving living and working conditions for the companionship community. Applications will be open to anyone, not just Choice users. More information on application cycles will follow soon.

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De-stigmatizing paid companionship and intimacy through technology.

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