Why is it critical to keep communication on CHOICE? A real story.

Why is it critical to keep communication on CHOICE? A real story.

by Choice - June 5, 2024
Why is it critical to keep communication on CHOICE? A real story.

The CHOICE Code behavioral guidelines emphasize the importance of keeping all communication on our platform, and this is a critical aspect of ensuring safety for both providers and customers. Here’s a real story that underscores why this guideline is non-negotiable. Please note that names have been changed to protect the privacy of the users.

The Story of Emily, a CHOICE Provider

Emily, a provider on our platform, had built a reputation for being professional and courteous. She adhered to most of the CHOICE Code guidelines diligently, but made an exception once—keeping all communication on the platform. One day, a customer, John, requested her services. Initially, all communication was on the platform, ensuring it was protected by the terms of use of the platform and with the ability to block a user based on the identity and not only an email address or phone number.

However, as the conversation progressed, Emily suggested to John that it would be more convenient to continue the discussion on WhatsApp. John agreed and they exchanged numbers. At first, the conversation on WhatsApp seemed harmless, but it soon took a troubling turn. John started using abusive language and making inappropriate comments. Emily, uncomfortable and distressed, decided to block him.

Escalation and Threats

Unfortunately, blocking John on WhatsApp didn’t end the harassment. John began texting Emily from a new number, continuing his abusive and threatening behavior. Emily felt unsafe and vulnerable, regretting her decision to move the communication off-platform. This experience was not only distressing but also highlighted the critical importance of adhering to the CHOICE Code.

The Role of the CHOICE Platform in Ensuring Safety

On our platform, all communications and behavior has to comply with the CHOICE Code at all times. Non-compliance with these guidelines can be reported and any moment by any user. Unlike other platforms users on CHOICE are verified with a government issued ID and selfie enabling us to block and prevent a user from re-entering our platform based on the identity as opposed to phone number or email address.

When Emily decided to take the conversation to WhatsApp, she lost the protective barrier that our platform provides since the customer technically did not violate the CHOICE Code they accepted when registering on the platform as the communication that happened on the platform was not abusive or harmful. This left her exposed to harassment without immediate recourse.

The CHOICE Code Guideline

The CHOICE Code behavioral guidelines require all communication to remain on the platform for these crucial reasons:

1. Reportability: Any misconduct can get reported by any user at any point in time.
2. Safety and Verification: Both parties' identities are verified, ensuring accountability and security.
3. Preventing Harassment: Keeping communication on-platform allows us to act swiftly against any form of harassment or abuse.
4. Legal Protection: Communication on the platform is logged, providing a record that can be used if legal action is necessary.

Emily’s experience is a stark reminder of why these guidelines exist. By keeping all communication on the platform, we can ensure a safer, more respectful environment for everyone involved.


The safety of our providers and customers is paramount. The CHOICE Code guidelines are designed with this in mind, and adhering to them is essential. Emily’s story, while unfortunate, serves as a powerful lesson for all. Keeping all communication on the platform is not just a rule—it’s a critical safety measure that protects everyone.

By following the CHOICE Code, we can maintain a secure, respectful, and supportive community for both providers and customers.

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