Potential Safety Incident Prevented: A Real-Life Story.

Potential Safety Incident Prevented: A Real-Life Story.

by Choice - June 18, 2024
Potential Safety Incident Prevented: A Real-Life Story.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: A Real-Life Example of CHOICE in Action

In early June, a provider (name changed for privacy purposes) chose to channel all their bookings through CHOICE for enhanced safety. This provider, known here as Anna, has established a strict protocol requiring an introductory meeting at a café of her choosing before any actual service booking. This protocol ensures a safe and comfortable environment for the initial interaction.

In the past, such introductory meetings carried risks.

Clients might not show up or try to renegotiate conditions last minute, wasting Anna's travel time and causing opportunity costs. Similarly, pre-payment methods required revealing real names for bank transactions or paying high fees with cash transfer companies, posing privacy concerns. On the other hand customer faced risks of the provider not showing up without any recourse for remedy.

With CHOICE, these issues are mitigated.

When a booking request is sent, the full amount for the booking is blocked and placed into escrow. The customer must accept all booking conditions, including the mandatory introduction meeting, before the request is processed. Upon acceptance by the provider, the booking fee is released to CHOICE, and upon successful check-in, the service fee is released to the provider. This process ensures that both parties do not have to share their real identities and have the security of the escrow in case of no-shows or violations of the agreement.

A recent incident highlights the effectiveness of CHOICE in ensuring safety and compliance.

A customer contacted Anna 50 minutes before their scheduled café meeting, requesting to meet in his car instead. Typically, Anna would face a dilemma: compromise her safety protocol for potential payment or forgo the agreed amount by canceling the meeting due to the customer's violation of the terms.

However, with CHOICE, Anna did not have to make this difficult choice. She reported the violation through the feedback system, proving that the customer had requested a change in meeting conditions. The customer did not appeal, and CHOICE released the funds to Anna, ensuring her safety protocol was respected and that she was compensated for her time.

This real-life example demonstrates how CHOICE increases safety in the paid companionship industry.

It ensures that both providers and customers can define and enforce their boundaries, creating a safer and more compliant environment for all involved.

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