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The Choice App ensures the safety of its users by requiring an official identity document and acceptance of the Choice Code. The process includes KYC with a 3D biometric scan and identity document verification, using bank-level technology. Additional safety measures include 2FA for account access and post-meeting checks to ensure compliance with the Choice Code. Non-compliance may lead to account suspension or recommendations for further action.

Yes, Choice empowers its providers to decide their offered services and prices. Providers can suggest new service additions, which Choice will review for potential inclusion.

Choice sets minimum prices for services to prevent price dumping and protect providers. These prices are determined in consultation with the sex work and companionship professionals community.

Registration is online via Choice's website. Providers must provide a phone number and official identity document for verification before setting up their profile and settings.

Customers can filter and book providers through Choice. Depending on provider settings, bookings can be direct or require acceptance. Meetings require confirmation by both parties, and post-meeting, compliance with the Choice Code is checked.

Communication on Choice is 1:1 between verified customers and providers, ensuring privacy and clarity in interactions.

Absolutely. Choice is an inclusive platform and engages with the LGBTQ+ community to ensure accessibility and support. Users are encouraged to report any instances of exclusion or inappropriate content.

Choice initially launches in Switzerland, aligning with the legal framework of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NWSP). The company aims to challenge the stigma around sex work and companionship services.

Currently you need to contact us on WhatsApp to enable editing mode or in order to deactivate or delete your account. We are working on adding this feature to your profile settings.


Choice does not process payments for services. A 10% Choice Safety Fee is charged to the customer at booking. Payment between provider and customer occurs at the service meeting.

Non-compliance with the Choice Code can be reported at any time. Choice investigates reported issues, especially when communication occurs on the platform, to take appropriate action or provide recommendations.

Choice employs AES 256 encryption for user data and enforces 2FA for account security, similar to Swiss online banking standards. Customer data is removed post-confirmation of Choice Code compliance, and provider data is retained only for age verification.

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