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Your Safety, Our Priority

In the realm of paid companionship and intimacy services, nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our community. At Choice, we've developed a comprehensive safety framework that underpins every interaction on our platform.

Stringent Verification Process

Your security starts with our stringent verification process. We require a government-issued ID and a real-time selfie from each user, which are cross-checked using GBG Plc's advanced verification systems to ensure authenticity and to promote accountability within our community.

Confidential and Secure

We employ state-of-the-art encryption to protect your personal conversations and data. Discretion is not just a feature; it's embedded in every layer of Choice, allowing you to engage with peace of mind.

Clear Boundaries and Consent

Open and honest communication is vital. Our platform encourages clear conversations about boundaries and consent before any booking. This ensures that every meeting is respectful and consensual, aligning with our community's values and expectations.

Safety Education and Resources

Knowledge is power, and at Choice, we empower our users with the tools and information needed to navigate the world of paid intimacy safely. From best practices to safety protocols, we provide resources that help you stay informed and alert.

Responsive Support Team

Should you ever feel uneasy or need assistance, our responsive support team is here to help. Trained to handle sensitive situations with care, they are available to provide guidance and to take swift action if necessary.

Feedback-Driven Accountability

We believe in the power of community-driven quality. Our feedback system allows for the reporting of any concerns, which we address promptly to maintain the integrity and safety of the Choice experience.

Legal Compliance

Operating in full compliance with Swiss law, we ensure that all services offered and engagements made through Choice are legal, ethical, and within the bounds of what's permitted.

Continuous Safety Updates

As part of our commitment to safety, we constantly review and update our safety measures to reflect the best practices in the industry and to adapt to the evolving needs of our users.

Commitment to Safety

At Choice, we are dedicated to creating an environment where you can explore connections confidently and safely. We are more than a platform; we are a community that looks out for each other, ensuring that every Choice experience is a positive one.

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